Originated during the infamous World War I, velcro patches were first used during battles and wars. To begin with, they were known as “battle patches” and came in handy to separate the allies from enemies. The patches then used to have battle slogans sewed in different patterns and were proudly worn by soldiers on either side.

Fortunately, the days of World Wars are all but over and these velcro patches are used for more pleasant to hear purposes.

What Uses Can Velcro Patches Be Put To?

Velcro patches might owe their origin to violent wars but today they are used for both business and as fashion enhancing accessories on clothing.

During business events and marketing campaigns, the merchandise distributed uses these patches as a form of advertisement and memorabilia of the event. Companies are increasingly preferring to use velcro patches as a symbol of belonging to a team.

Furthermore, these patches are also used as a team symbol during sports competition and the patches are treated as more than just sewed symbols and as emotional badges of belonging to a team.

Especially for kids sports competitions, velcro patches with the cool and creative design are used on their uniforms.

Ease Of Use And The Finest Quality

What makes velcro patches the perfect choice for marketing and identification purposes is how easy they are to attach and detach. With velcro patches, you do not need to buy different specified clothing for various events and can use different patches for the events.

You can get the highest quality patches delivered to you that are made with the finest Madeira thread and are rightly the most preferred option among sewed patches. Get the finest custom velcro patches delivered to you within a week at your doorstep.