Every generation has a substance which comes to define the zeitgeist, shape the movers and shakers of the era, and become as popular and iconic as those same immortal figures. When you think of Roaring 20s Manhattan, you naturally think of the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the litany of flappers, philosophers, and Gatsby-like characters who inhabited the city – and, like Gatsby and Fitzgerald himself, the bootleg liquor running through it all. Think of the Swinging 60s in London, and you can’t help but think of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and countless other stars – and the marijuana which helped characterise the decade’s sound and culture.

The same holds true of vape today. While today’s vape-fuelled stars are yet to be commemorated by history, there can be no doubt that vape is one of the premiere substances informing the zeitgeist today. As such, here’s what you can expect from Aspire vape, one of the premiere options, as well as the fluids you can enjoy.

Vape Starter Kits

If you are just starting out in the world of vape, you are naturally not going to want to start out with something advanced and potentially confusing, but rather something nice and simple. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice too much of the unique vape experience in doing so.

That is why the best shops offering vape options feature fantastic vape starter kits. These include everything you need to get started, from the metal e-cig itself to a case and charger. Aspire has great starter kits that you might want to try out if you’re new to the world of vape.

Other Add-Ons

In addition to those starter kits, there is a wide variety of additional materials which you can enjoy with Aspire and other vape brands. From touchscreen control to sleek designs and other special features, there’s something for everyone. It is that very customisability which makes vape more attractive to many consumers today than traditional cigarettes, which are far more monolithic by comparison.

Different E-Fluids

The same holds true when it comes to e-fluids. Unless you’re a true cigarette connoisseur (not a healthy thing to be in the first place), if you’ve tried one cigarette, you’ve tried them all. By contrast, vape as a substance allows for a lot more variance in terms of flavour. What’s more, with the small business and craftsman mentality encouraged by the vape community, you’ll find a lot more experimentation and thus innovation in terms of taste and style.

It should come as no surprise, therefore, that individually-minded consumers are ditching conventional unhealthy cigarettes in favour of vape options in droves.

Discover vape, today’s top substance, with a great new kit.